Identify a food or ingredient that has waste or by-product created because of how it’s currently manufactured: What is your food or ingredient of choice? Explain how this food/ingredient currently produces waste because of how it’s manufactured

2) Propose a new upcycled product that would use the waste from your selected food/ingredient to make something new Where in the grocery store would you sell your new upcycled product idea?Distinguish between intraspecific competition and interspecific competition. b) What are some of the potential consequences to the population as the density of that population increases? 3. a) What is predation? b) How does predation operate as a density dependent factor? c) How does disease operate as a density dependent factor? d) What is the “Allee effect”? e) Why is the passenger pigeon argued to be an example of the “Allee effect”? 1) What is meant by the term “minimum viable population size”? a) What is a density independent factor? b) What are TWO (supposedly) examples of density independent factors? Provide specific examples. c) What is meant by the term “biomagnification? d) Why are top level carnivores so susceptible to such things as pesticide use? e) What is a “limiting factor”? D What typically happens when a population surpasses the carrying capacity of the environment? g) Why do population biologists monitor natural fluctuations in such things as the size and density of populations? 1. a) What is an ecological niche? b) How does the fundamental niche of species compare with its realized niche? What prevents these two things from being identical? 2. a) What are FIVE different categories of interactions between species? You may choose to copy Table 1 from page 677 into your notes b) What is meant by the term “symbiosis”? c) What are THREE types of symbiosis? 3. a) What is interspecific competition? b) What are two ways in which interspecific competition can occur? Provide an example of each type of interspecific competition c) who was G.F. Gause? What is “Gause’s Principle” and what does it predict will happen when two species experience niche overlap? What are THREE possible results of interspecific competition? 5. What is meant by the term “resource partitioning?” Provide an example of resource partitioning 6. What is meant by the term “character displacement Provide an example of character displacement 7 Do resource partitioning and character displacement provide DIRECT OR INDIRECT evidence for competition? Explain

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