What are the components of a capnometer (end-tidal CO2 monitoring system)? Describe the two components most responsible for improving in VO2.

2. Explain the oxidative energy system in detail. Please include all phases of oxidative energy production.

3. Explain why lactic acid is produced when exercising at a high intensity. Please include the energy systems involved and the strategy for reducing lactic acid accumulation.

4. Explain the overload and specificity principles and give examples of both.

5. Identify and Explain the physiological variables that make up VO2 max.

6. Describe the physiological set point theory and cognitive set point theory as it relates to weight loss.

7. Calculate work performed by a person who lifts a 50 lb child 25 inches into the air.

8. Calculate power for the individual in #7 who lifts the 50 lb child in 1.5 seconds.

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