Describe the battle over Reconstruction following the Civil War. Describe the opposing views and key events that shaped the Reconstruction Era. What led to the decline of Reconstruction.

2. Describe what is meant by the Gilded Age. Give examples of how America’s economy grew and explain why. What were the downsides of this period? Who did not benefit and why?

3. Between the end of the Civil War and 1925, millions of immigrants entered the United States. How did Americans’ legal, political, social, and economic responses to these new arrivals contribute to the definition of whiteness in America?

4. Compare and contrast two of the three Progressive presidents (Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson). How did each exemplify both the goals of Progressivism in terms of businesses? Consider both domestic and foreign policy in your answer.

5. Describe the events that led to World War I. What were the causes, what was the war like? What was the response of the U.S. initially? Describe how and why the US joined the war and the effects of the war at home as well.

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