What is the wavelength of radio waves transmitted by a radio station with a frequency of 1540 million cycles per second? mList five major processes involved in the formation of the Solar system 2. What are the two main types of planets? 3. What factors influence the various characteristics of the planets as we know them now? 4. List the three main ways by which elements can be formed 5. List the four main categories under which elements can be classified geochemically 6. Why are elements important in the study of Geochemistry? Explain the following periodic trends in properties of elements a. Atomic radius b. Electronegativity c. lonization energy d. Electron affinity 8. What is the electronic configuration of an element? 9. Why is the electronic structure of an atom important? 10. Describe the five main types of chemical bonds ie., Ionic, Covalent, Metallic, Hydrogen and Van der Waals.

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