Describe the causes and medical treatment for a pneumothorax, including any needed information about the pleural membranes and normal pressure differences found inside and outside the thorax.What structure in the ovary is formed after ovulation and can remain present if pregnancy occurs? Graafian follicle corpus luteum secondary follicle O corpus cavernosa Select any of the following features that are considered part of EXTERNAL FEMALE genitalia labia cervix clitoris mons pubis uterus During ejaculation The sympathetic nervous system stimulstes increased heart rate, respiratory rate, and generalized muscle contraction of the body. The bulbourethral glands expel sperm rapidly from the urethra. The parasympathetic nervous system stimulates increased blood flow to the penis. The semen exits the body through the ureter located in the penis. Jason and his wife, Philippa, were having trouble conceiving a baby. Their fertility doctor determined that Jason’s sperm count was low. Jason told the doctor that he doesn’t understand why – he has been taking extra testosterone supplements to help him build muscles while working out and he thought that would improve his fertility as well. A. What hormone made by the hypothalamus is inhibited by high levels of testosterone? B. What regulatory hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland controls spermatogenesis? C. What protein made in the testes can also stop spermatogenesis?

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