What is meant when a groundwater pollutant is classified as hazardous?Explain the mechanism of metal removal in Electric Discharge Machining (EDM). Also list various applications of EDM. 07 (b) For a R-C circuit, adjusted for maximum power delivery conditions, following data is available: Resistance (R) = 250 ohm, Capacitance (C) = 354F, Supply voltage = 75 V Find the charging current at the instant when the circuit is switched on and the frequency of discharge. 03 2(a) Describe the cutting action in die during punching/blanking operation with neat sketches 06 (b) Briefly describe the importance of Clearance for proper fracturing in press working operations. 05 3 Derive an expression for forging pressure in an open die forging to carry out forging of a plate considering sliding and sticking friction conditions from first principle. Also state the assumptions made in the analysis. 10 4 (a) Differentiate between Jigs and fixtures and list various location principles. 05 (b) Compare and contrast progressive die and compound die. 05 5(a) Differentiate between capstan and turret lathe. 05 (b) Discuss any two methods for finishing hardened gears 05

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