Explain the difference between clastic sedimentary rocks and chemical (biochemical) sedimentary rocks. (3 Marks) 4. List two examples of clastic sedimentary rock. (2 Marks) 5. List two examples of chemical sedimentary rock. (2 Marks) 6. What minerals are most abundant in detrital sedimentary rocks? (2 Marks) 7. What are the two groups of chemical sedimentary rock? Give an example of a rock that belongs to each group. (4 Marks) 8. How do evaporites form? Give an example. (3 Marks) 9. List three common cements. (3 Marks) 10. What feature easily distinguishes schist and gneiss from quartzite and marble? (2 Marks) 11. In what ways do metamorphic rocks differ from the igneous and sedimentary rocks from which they formed? (3 Marks)

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