What is the advantage of using a portal system? 42. Anterior Pituitary Hormones Control Growth, Metabolism, and Reproduction List (spell out) the six hormones synthesized by endocrine cells of the anterior pituitary and indicate their target tissue(s). Put a star next to each hormone that does not function as a trophic hormone. (Fig. 7.9) Feedback Loops Are Different in the Hypothalamic-pituitary Pathway 43. How many integrating centers are involved in the endocrine reflexes of the anterior pituitary trophic hormones? Identify these integrating centers. (Fig. 7.11a) 44. How does negative feedback in the hypothalamic- pituitary pathway differ from previously described patterns of negative feedback? 45. Distinguish between long-loop negative feedback and short-loop negative feedback. Give examples of each. (Fig. 7.11) 7.4 HORMONE INTERACTIONS 46. Identify three types of hormone interactions. In Synergism, the Effect of Interacting Hormones Is More than Additive 47. Describe synergism as it pertains to hormone interactions. Give an example of a synergistic hormone interaction.

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