Pages and Word Count: 3 pages (2 pages of WORD and 1 page of EXCEL)

Need both EXCEL and WORD.

Reference: No Need. Introduction: No NEED. Conclusion: No NEED.


Part A to Part E: 100 words each. And some
organized calculations on EXCEL.

Background Information.

Ratio analysis provides useful information for a company’s
operations and financial conditions. Conducting analysis in a mechanical,
unthinking manner is dangerous, but when the ratio analysis is used with good
judgment, it can provide useful insights into a firm’s operations and identify
the right questions to ask.

In this assessment, you address the time value of money also
known as discounted cash flow analysis. This type of analysis is crucial to
being able to viably analyze financial statements.

Problems ot be answered:

Complete problem: Total Net Operating Capital

§ XYZ, Inc. reported $20
million in operating current assets, $25 million in net fixed assets, and $6
million in operating current liabilities.

How much total net operating capital does XYZ, Inc. have? Show
your work.

(100 words)

Answer from another student. Might NOT be correct. Attach in PDF

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