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˜I has a lot of issues with the research paper for this psychology class. This is the last step I Need the Method research part and the Bigger question part. I can upload the directions the method I am using is

Qualitative Research Method
studies things in their natural setting trying to interpret phenomena based on meanings people give them. its about quality rather than quantity.


Name 1 of the 7 research methods you will use for your proposed study.  Describe why this method you’ve chosen is a good way to answer your research question (200 words).  Then, include a detailed description of the following information.  Write all this out in complete sentences:

  1. How many participants will be in it (texts count as participants)?
  2. Why is this number a good one to use?
  3. How you will recruit participants? Do you foresee any problems gaining access to the participants you need?  Be VERY detailed here about exactly where you will get these people and what you will say to them.
  4. EXACTLY what you will do and say with them (this part needs to be at least 1 typed page, at least 350 words). IMPORTANT PART!!  If you will be doing interviews, list ALL the questions you will ask.
  5. Present a published study or book or book chapter that uses a methodology that is similar to yours. Include this citation in your references section.  Describe in 90 words the similarities and differences you see.
  6. What the “data” will be that you will analyze (if you are not using human participants, describe exactly what your data sources will be, e.g., texts, movies)
  7. How will you record these data?
  8. How you will analyze these data? Be very detailed and specific here (300 words)

Bigger Questions

We could think of a “social problem” as something that exists in our society that you or others view as undesirable, painful, unjust, harmful, damaging, etc.  When you think of your results, what social problem in the world does it touch on?  Write a paragraph of 150 words on how your research could inform approaches to this social problem?

We could think of “social policy” as a set of rules or laws that deal with social issues.  This would include rules or laws pertaining to: promoting the general welfare, politics and voting, housing, education, income maintenance, and policies for physical and mental health.  Allowing gays to marry or not marry would be a social policy.  Not allowing children to work if they are under 16 would be a social policy.  Which social policy out there does your research touch on?  Write a paragraph of 150 words on how your research would change or strengthen or weaken some existing social policy or policies.


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