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Macbeth the title of the play also happens to be the name of the main character in the play. It is evident that Shakespeare uses Macbeth who happens to be of a noble origin as well as a role model in the society to portray the weight of guilt and conscience in matters that are private and also those which are public. Thus as a result of his action and that of his wife they are both tormented and lack peace. Macbeth makes some bad decisions which eventually turn to haunt him and end up being the cause of his downfall.
Macbeth’s troubles and guilt start even before he had made any decisions. The first time is witnessed in the form of subconscious imaginations (Act 1 Scene 3). In this particular incident, Macbeth sees himself killing Duncan even before the actual killing happens and this torments him. Eventually, Macbeth carries out his plan and murders Duncan just in the manner he had had a vision. The weight of the guilt tortures him so much that it denies him any peace and sleep. Macbeth starts getting paranoid and hallucinates over voices in his ears (Favila, 2001). It is in this state that he hears a voice saying to him “Sleep, Sleep no more! Macbeth has murdered sleep”.

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