Insights and Summary of Readings
Harriet Jacobs (B909-931)
Human beings need Inward peace and outward enjoyment. Valuable friendship, forgiveness, and affection are crucial elements of peaceful life. It is beneficial to resist temptations with esteem and respect for others. Although the world may seem desert, it behooves one to find happiness. Temporary enjoyment is not the solution. Besides, the weight of guilt can lead to a lack of happy life and peace. Reformation and repentance are imperative in gaining trust. Oppression is unfair and, therefore, we should show concern for others in times of difficulty. Practices like slavery are oppressive and deprive people of their freedom. Above all, all human beings are equal in the kingdom of God.
Thoreau: Resistance (953-970)
Citizens are kind to their government when they embrace it. In this regard, the government should act as the mode chosen to execute people’s will. A government can be perverted and abused where a man can bend at will. Therefore, a government should work towards commanding respect from the people. Power should be in the hands of citizens. The voice of the majority should be listened incorporated in decision making. Oppressing the people can lead to rebellion and revolution. All citizens and those on slavery deserve justice and freedom in a government with just laws. In reciprocity, citizens should follow the law and pay taxes.
Slavery in Mass (1144-1155)
Regardless of people’s social status, they have liberty for life. Governments should e

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