Juliet is considered as considerate of others. This is seen on page 3 where she requests that her royalties are deducted and Susan to be given a bonus for the work she has done. This shows that she considers others and is ready to sacrifice for them. This is also seen through her constant agitation for wanting to apologise for the incident that was caused by gill where she threw a tea port yet she was the one who had been wronged. She was uncomfortable for portraying the company’s image wrongly. The reverend also describes her as considerate sweet and stubborn page 41
She is humorous. Page 3 describes her job during the years of the war as one to humour people. Pg. 21 Juliet jokes that on the date she would eat like a pig. Furthermore, on page 31 Mr. Reynolds acknowledges her as the only woman who makes her laugh. This is a clear indication that Juliet Ashton is a humorous person. Pg. 74 validates this when she jokes about Sidney’s other leg and how glad she was that it wasn’t the one she broke.
Miss Juliet is described as an elegant and beautiful strong woman. This is seen when she is making her hair, preparing for a date with Mr. Reynolds and Evangeline works on her hair.

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