My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant Reading Questions
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My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant Reading Questions
1 Who is the audience for this essay? What response do you think Vargas wants? What likely response will he get? What is your response to his confession?
Being an immigrant is challenging; therefore, many are willing to give up their lives in exchange for the opportunity to live a better life. Jose Antonio Vargas describes his difficulties as an undocumented immigrant in America in his article “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant.” As a result, His target audience was the US immigration department, other immigrants in the United States, American citizens, and people who would wish to travel to the United States without the correct documentation. Vargas can successfully explain that immigrants are humans and demonstrate his authenticity via the use of his own experiences since he has the experience and a wealth of information. 
As he wrote the article, Vargas anticipated that America would implement measures to alter the way people talk about immigration in the United States. He recognized that changing the politics of an issue requires changing the society in which that problem exists. He wanted Americans to stop viewing immigrants who did not arrive there legally as a problem. Besides, it was a way to appeal to the reader’s emotions in hopes that they sympathize with him and the struggles immigrants face daily. From his article, Vargas is likely plead with the U.S immigrant authorities to grant immigrants like him citizenship. Vargas and other non-criminal illegal immigrants stand a far higher danger of imprisonment and deportation under Trump’s government. However, Americans may respond to his arguments supporting Americans like Vargas. I think that Vargas was too bold to come out and tell his story. I believe that his confession was the right thing to do since it can “open up the eyes” of Americans and the government of the United States to consider granting the immigrants equal rights to the immigrant.  
2 Why does Vargas mention the incident where he asserts that he is gay? Do you think this makes him more or less sympathetic?
In my opinion, Vargas did not have any intentions of mentioning the incident; he asserts that he was gay. According to Vargas, (2011), during a history class discussion, they watched a documentary on Harvey Milk where Vargas raised his hand and asserted that he was gay. Vargas (2011) argue that he was asking whether Harvey was killed because of being gay. Besides, he had never planned on coming out that morning, even though he had known that he was gay for several years. Thus, he mentions the incident where he came out as gay because he was shocked to hear that Harvey was killed because of gay. This made him less sympathetic. According to Vargas (2011), he acknowledged that he was making matters more difficult for himself. Besides, he said that coming out as homosexual was less intimidating than coming out as a legal immigrant.
3 Comment on the tension between Vargas telling the truth and fulfilling his dream. Mention at least three examples and why you think he made the right or wrong choice
The author’s goal in publishing the essay was to highlight the numerous issues that illegal immigrants confront in their quest to become American citizens and get access to services such as education. Unlike other stories, this one does not include intricate twists and surprising endings that leave the reader perplexed or need the reader to conduct more study to determine the significance of facts and other aspects of the story. Jose Vargas is an illegal immigrant who did not have the necessary paperwork to become an American citizen through naturalization. Despite having all of those forged documents, he was unable to secure employment. Thus, Vargas wanted all of his story’s readers to understand that honesty is the only option in life and that shortcuts may be costly, time-consuming, and consequential.
His tale inspires many people since it raises awareness about the plight of immigrants and educates and motivates them. As the tale progresses, it demonstrates how the author’s decisions, such as opting to battle hard for American citizenship, paid off. It demonstrates how perseverance pays off in the end. The author’s decision to battle hard for American citizenship was also a message to society about trying to be honest and pursue the correct path. It is preferable to follow legal processes while traveling to the United States or any other nation to prevent circumstances like Vargas’. It may be a lot of work, but it pays off in the end.
Some of the author’s decisions also had a role in his dilemma. His whole story focuses on his attempts to get authentic paperwork to become an American citizen. Vargas’ grandfather and he thought that

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