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HR Management
Training of employees plays a major in disease and injury prevention in workplaces. From this point of view, it is clear that some dangerous and catastrophic may occur during the line of duty by workers (Weiss 365). It is crucial to prevent this hazard from coming about since companies will save time and resources from being used to cater for unplanned problems. Training then should have the ability to pass knowledge and skills to help workers adopt safe work behaviors.
There are different ways which have been adopted to help in hospitality training. They include lectures, technology-based learning, on the job training, coaching and mentoring, lectures, group discussions, among other methods.
Lectures take place in classrooms and it is the most common way of training. Lectures focus on concentration. The leading advantage of lecturing is the ease of passing more significant information to a lot of people within a short period. Lecturing methods creates a one on one situation whereby learners can ask tutors questions and get answers instantly. This method also gives summarized information from different sources and helps in interest development as the learners inherit the zeal about the subject.

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