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The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920s in New York. The book tells the story of love, wealth, and social class. Throughout the story, Fitzgerald sets his characters in the post-war era while depicting the poor’s struggles and their lavish lives. The story’s setting and the character all serve to tell the reader the difference between the rich and the poor’s livelihoods. From the first chapter of the book, it is evident that there is a constant power struggle between the “new” and “old” money. The characterization of the west and east Egg is crucial in the development of the book’s themes. Therefore, in this essay, it will be shown how Fitzgerald used the setting to emphasize the themes of love, social class, and wealth in The Great Gatsby.
One of the most dominant themes in The Great Gatsby is wealth. From the beginning of the book, Fitzgerald sets up the scene for the reader. Fitzgerald begins by giving an insight into the life of Nick Carraway. Fitzgerald (2021,p.2) describes Carraway as a young man who is a descendant from a wealthy family of the “Duke of Buccleuch.” However, despite being from a wealthy family, Carraway moves to West Egg to build his life. Carraway narrates, “My family have been prominent , well to do people…” (Fitzgerald 2020,p.2). is at this moment that he meets up with Gatsby, who is a neighbor. Carraway, who is set as the narrator describes the financial differences between the people of east and west Egg. Carraway describes that west egg “is less fashionable” while east Egg has big mansions that are “cheerful.” Through this description, the reader can visualize how wealthy the people of East egg are.

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