NOTE: I will use software to compare your book review paper with existing documents on Internet. In case of partial
or complete plagiarism, there will be ZERO tolerance. You will get ZERO for the paper. Please make sure that the
paper is original and written in your own words. THE REVIEW of EXISTING REVIEWS is not ACCEPTABLE.
You will be asked 10 questions from the entire book during the oral
discussion with the instructor. If you fail to respond five questions
correctly, you will get -10 points for the final exam. If you successfully
complete all the requirements, you will get up to 20 points for the final
Outline for the Book Review Paper
1. Title Page
2. Background (5 points)
3. Summary (5 points)
4. Economic Concepts, Theories, and Models (10 points)
5. Notes and highlights on the book (15)
6. Evidence or examples (15 points)
7. Critical review of the book’s arguments (10 points)
8. Language (5 points)
9. Length (5 points)
10. References
11. Concluding recommendation (5 points)

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