Application Essay for Dental School
1. My Motivation, philosophy of the dental profession, and goals as I pursue a career in dentistry
Working in the healthcare sector is a call to help people. I compare it with teaching. This is because a professional in these fields derives satisfaction from helping other people. I have several family members serving in the healthcare sector in different capacities. I, however, realized that none has pursued a career in dentistry. Therefore, I chose this not only to be different but also to ensure that my family produces a professional in almost all sections of healthcare. This is serving as my motivation and drive to successfully pursue a career in dentistry. I do not intent to retreat whatsoever. In fact, my goal is to pursue a career in dentistry and later open a family hospital that will be all inclusive. I will be very happy when serving the society in a family hospital, an idea that was welcome and backed by my family. In seeking to pursue a career in dentistry, I cling to a philosophy that working in the healthcare industry is a God?s call to care and restore wellness of his people, which I must live up to.
2. My experiences that may add to the educational experiences of other people
I have been serving in the healthcare industry as RN where I shadowed a dentists and cardiologist. This exposure has bestowed me with an idea of what happens in the profession. Since I am a good team player and ever willing to share, I believe I will also be an important resource to others just as they will be to me. In addition, I am exemplary in communication skills, which is both crucial both in school and in the field. It will be possible to communicate and share important ideas during my studies. This is with the view that good communication helps to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts among people. Other than that, I have learnt to accommodate people regardless of their ideologies, religious views, or social differences in school and in the field. This has helped me to coexists with many people and learn from them as they learnt from me. I intent to uphold the same once admitted in your institution because I am sure to meet people of diverse backgrounds.ΓΏ
3. Unique circumstances and experiences that aroused and encouraged me to seek training in dentistry
I realized I am always pleased by my service to other people especially if it makes them happy. This desire encourages me to seek training in the healthcare profession precisely dentistry. Several of my family members are working in the healthcare industry in various capacities, which may have aroused my desire to indulge in the same. I occasionally visited patients where my mother worked as a nurse for instance. I realized that many felt nice in my company much as I was not their special visitor or even a member of their families. Since then, I have desired to work in the hospital setting, a dream that I am now realizing. I have worked in several hospitals as a registered nurse. In addition, I have previously worked as a volunteer in the American Cancer Society and in a private dental office. All this is in a bid to satisfy my desire and curiosity to help patients in fighting illnesses. I, however, realize that I need professional training in order to deliver better and reliable services to the community. This dream can be realized with training from your university.

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