Ethical Issues on Privacy and Security of Data in Cloud Systems
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The high susceptibility of cloud computing to online security threat limits its global growth and development. The distributed nature of the cloud computing architecture allows computing resources to be located in various regions of the world which have a different set of regulations that guide the privacy of data. The proposed study intends to explore the inadequacies that exist in local and international regulations for managing the privacy of data. Moreover, the proposed study will explore the mechanisms used by the providers of cloud computing services to address ethical issues when they occur in several jurisdictions with a different set of regulations for managing the privacy of data. The study will employ the primary, secondary, and mixed research methods to collect the quantitative and qualitative data. The study will make use of the survey, interview methods, observational method, case studies, and focus groups to gather the required data. The gathered data will be analyzed using statistical and thematic methods to generate the required results.
The growth of cloud computing has occasioned a fundamental paradigm shift in computation technology. The distributed architecture of the cloud computing has been critical in enabling the on-demand provision of computational services such as storage, applications, connectivity, and computing platforms among others. However, the dynamism of cloud computing makes it susceptible to various forms of online security attacks which is a threat to the safety and privacy of the data. In essence, the physical shift of the computational services from server-based and desktop-based software to cloud computing raises credible ethical issues on the management of the security and privacy of the data hosted on cloud servers. The distributed architecture of cloud computing allows the computing resources to be hosted on servers located in different locations around the world which increases the susceptibility of the technology to security threats.

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