The aim of this thesis is to analyze the international organizations status, competences and implementation in conflict area- Afghanistan, from the point of implementing the principle of human rights protection as guaranteed by international law. First chapter of thesis will deal with theoretical concept of meaning of human rights and human rights protection under international law. There will be also defined difference of international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations work and competences in order to have clearer picture of further work. In second chapter there will be defined main methods that are going to be used in empirical part. In the second chapter there is done operationalization which is going to support empirical part and how it looks like and particularly in relation to research question, aim and hypotheses. Third chapter deals briefly with history of Afghanistan and main human rights concerns that appeared during Taliban rule. Fourth chapter is supposed to show as how UN, NATO, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are able to influence development of human rights in Afghanistan and that is supposed to answer on research question, fulfill aim and prove hypotheses.

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