Climate Change and Bio-fuel Production Create
Agricultural Commodity Price Variability: Impact on Agriculture and Rural Development of Africa and Possible Alternative Strategies
July 2011
The concept of climate change has been on overwhelming challenge on the global platform in the 21st century. This phenomenon leads to change in average weather conditions as well as the distribution of events in the environment. One of the key elements of climate change to the environment is the epidemic of global warming. The main causes of global warming have been associated with destruction of ozone layer through the increased use of fossil fuel. In the 21st century, the effects of climate change and more specifically the menace of global warming are highly felt. These have triggered nearly all human activities and more importantly agriculture. The concern on global warming and issue of ozone layer destruction has also triggered the adoption of renewable energy. The main alternative renewable energy in reference to fossil fuel is the use of bio-fuels. These include bio-diesel, ethanol, methanol, and biogas.

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