PUAD 4033- Fundamentals of Research
E-Governance in the Philippines: Assessment of Factors Related to the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Local Government Websites
The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution with the Internet as a vital factor is considered to have changed how citizens interact and transact their business with their government, creating an important development in their expectations. Dodd (2000) Globally, e-governance has become a trend in reinventing the government-ending corruption and promoting transparency and better public service delivery. In the Philippines, different laws and plans have been implemented by each administration to pursue e-governance. There is an expectation from the people that e-governance will be utilized in the national as it is well-founded in the local government for a more efficient public service and integrated approach to information access. There are many studies that assess that effect of e-governance in the proper deliverance of public service not as much as studying the factors that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of e-governance. This paper seeks to determine the factors affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of e-governance in the local government. Moreover, this paper provided three hypotheses in relation to the effectiveness and effectivity of LGU?s website: income, classification, urbanity/rurality of the local government unit. The result of the study can be used to further develop and advance the public service of the Local Government Units with the utilization of the services provided through E-Governance.
Technological advancements have been happening since the early 19th century. It changed the way people live- from availing of products, communicating, gaining knowledge and transacting in the business. Our world underwent a paradigm shift where technology plays an essential part in our daily lives. It also changed the way our government does its businesses. The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in governance is a worldwide trend to combat corruption and malpractice in the government. It aims to enhance government?s role in delivering public service, transparency and participatory governance.

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