This Paper did not meet the apa guidelines and had major grammatical errors when I submitted it and I did not pass my course. I am taking the class again and using the same paper and have been advised again of improper use of apa and major grammatical errors throughout the paper. This is the direction of how the paper should flow. Division of Chapter 1): Context of the problem (background information and introduction to the problem. 2). Statement of the problem 3). Specific research question and sub-questions to address the problem (what additional questions will your problem statement address; limit this to 2 or 3 sub-questions). Each sub-question is a chapter. 4). Significance of the study (Why is this study important? Who will benefit? 5). Research design and methodology (How will this research be conducted?) This section is used to describe and justify the research methodology used for collecting the data to answer the candidate’s research question. 6). Organization of the study: (What each chapter will address).ΓΏ
The Table of Content should show Chapter 1: Introduction and Background Chapter 2: Literature Review Chapter 3: Research Question 1 Chapter 4: Research Question 2 Chapter 5: Results and Findings Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendation

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