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There has been a lot of friction when it comes to the racism in the education system of the educatio the United States. This is a problem that has been becoming more alarming each year and the numbers keep increasing. ƒ??while the Civil Rights Movement paved way for legal acceptance of multiracial families, it also created a new set of struggles for these families. The Civil Rights Movement included various groups struggling for liberation and self-definitions such as Young Lords, the Chicano Movement, the Black Power Movement, the Asian American Movement, and the American Indian Movementƒ? (Dalmage, p. 97). The most affected subgroup of this group has been the Black American community. This group has the largest number of dropouts with the worst performance for those who choose to remain and this has led to further discussions by many scholars to look into this issue. (Quaye, 2014. P. 38).
I have never listen about when I was in my country which is Saudi Arabia. I am glad that I am learning totally new experience which I have it from before. In the beginning, I was confused between the ehnincity and racism. It was hard for me to differentiate between them. I have doe few research. Then, I learn that racism be biological, we do not have a choice to change. For example, if someone is white, he will remain white until death. On the other hand, I learn the ethnity will be something with culture, traditions and the language.
I totally agree with Tatum 567 when he said that ƒ??The impact of racism begins early. Even in our preschool years, we are exposed to misinformation about people different from ourselvesƒ?. There is still a great deal of social segregation in our communitie Consequently most of the early information we receive about”others people racially, religiously, or socioeconomically different from ourselves-does not come as the result of experience. People born there but still consider as a foreigner. (add something here).
The first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. They are the foundation that shapes children’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement at school, in the family and community, and in life in general.
Recent research confirms that the first five years are particularly important for the development of the child’s brain, and the first three years are the most critical in shaping the child’s brain architecture.
Every year of a childƒ??s life is precious, but when it comes to development, the first five is the most important. This is when a child becomes the person they are going to be. It is when they learn appropriate behavior, boundaries, empathy and many other important social skills that will remain with them for life. From my personal experience, my daughter is five years old. She always tries to follow me in every behavior. I am glad that I am here in the USA. We get a chance to communicate to people from other culture which tells us to respect other.
Whiteness is everywhere in America culture. ƒ??Minorities are less likely than whites to receive preventive medical care or costly operations from Medicare. Eligible members of minority communities are also less likely than European Americans to apply for food stamps,ƒ? (lipsitz, p.81). I firmly start to understand what means privilege and what is the impact of being white here. Based on my own experience, international students face similar problems which any other minority oppression group face. For example, plenty of other restrictions, because of the type of passport we hold or the visa restrictions that we must follow to avoid getting deported. If I want to have an internship, unpaid or paid, I would have to enroll in an internship course and be billed for the one credit hour on top of registering my employment with the Department of Homeland Security. I tend to ignore the otherwise very helpful emails from the Office of Fellowships, Awards, and Resources because the very first requirement of most of the opportunities and study abroad grants they promote is a citizenship requirement.
I started to ask myself weather all the white people have the same opportunities. Then, I found my answer in this article.
ƒ??It is It is important to acknowledge that while all whites benefit from racism, they do not all benefit equally. Other factors, such as socio-economic status, gender, age, religious affiliation, social sexual orientation, mental and physical ability. (Tatum, p.67). (add something here). I do not think any person feel themselves that he is totally complete or have a privilege. In any situation, he sometimes has a little privilege. The racism Material encourage me to research more on the privilege. I am planning to do more research may be I find someone why consider himself totally privilege.

– I would like to say that more efforts by the teachers and administrators in the learning institutions to help the students will likely improve the state of the minority in our nation. As referred in the text, I trust that organizations will facilitate better learning when they learn from previous mistakes and lessons while they also get used to adapting with the changing environment. To solve these issues better I think the FLEX model to which offers suggesstions for developing multicultural competence.
ƒ??Multicultural competence is a phrase that acknowledges the ability of a person to manicat effectively across cultural boundaries with sensitive to the cultural differences and preferences involved on both sides of those boundaries.
Flex model provides more than the upbeat thought processes promoted via its compact phrases, behind each phrase crouches its behavior-affecting antithesis. For example, if we do not foster interconnectedness and listen and communicate, how we arrive at understanding, of people of other cultures values, beliefs, and practices? If we do not encourage respect and explore differences between cultures, how are we to rid our behavior of the anger-invoking insensitivities of communication that distance us from people of other cultures? Utilizing the genuinely effective communication filters, as well as, the opportunity for thoughtful introspection and relearned behavior, offered in this FLEX model promotes access to multicultural competencyƒ? (Castaneda, p. 134).
Finally, I would like to concur that in the education system, for deleaing with the diversity within the campuses, the boards should also select the heads of the various departments with much diversity. Psychologically, the students will be more comfortable confiding with lecturers and other members of the faculty with whom they feel will understand them more (Linder, et al 2015). Moreover, it should be the obligation of the faculty to consider all the suggestions of all the students openly and treat the students with fairness and respect. No individual should be treated unfairly just because of his race. It should also be noted that our society is only as a result of our learning institutions. If we teach peace and love, the students will practice peace and love. On the other hand, if we teach hatred, that will be the reflection that will be mirrored by the younger generations.

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