The word limit is from 500-650 words. I am applying to Imperial university and Cambridge University for masters in material science and engineering. The statement should explain why i am doing the chosen course? Career goals? Why they should take me on that course?
Applying to: 1) Imperial college London (course: Advanced materials science and engineering) 2) Cambridge University (course: MaSt Materials and science) Why do you want to study for this course? I am already a material science and engineering student, and so would like to continue education in this field. I find it quiet interesting. Design has been an integral part of degree for the first two years thereby giving me the skill to critically design new things in accordance with proper engineering principles. Been a science student since O-level and took pure sciences along with Maths in Alevels. Have been passionate about science subjects from the very begging and material science underpins the fundamental elements of physical sciences. What will you do once degree is done/ after graduation? Look forward to work for composite industry in future or some research and development company. Extra curricular and achievements? I was in student council through high school and college. I was named as head peer teaching society in college. Active social worker. Previously did many internships in NGOs, mainly volunteer work. Team player can work with different people. Good with deadlines. 1) SOS village. (Taught underprivileged students in Lahore Pakistan. 2) Rising Sun Institute (Organized summer camp for special children. Collected funds for the institute) 3) WWF volunteer internship. (Worked on a project “Save Mother Earth”. Project aimed at preserving world heritage sites.) 4) Worked as a team member for “Bata Children Program” in Indonesia. 5) Worked with a private company -power chemicals (Toronto Canada) and helped them with research on different products by ‘Dow Chemical’. Interests and hobbies? Travelling. Learning about different cultures. Music. Riding. Future plans? Working for a composite industry. I particularly enjoy working with polymers and researching about them. Two major undergrad modules about polymer. Final third year project on “graphene infusion in carbon fibre fabrics” Perosnal background: An international student from Pakistan. Material and design engineering student. Additional supporting information can be taken from the attached CV.

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