Ssessment 2: Reflective writing
Length: 1300 words
Description: This assessment requires you to analyse two communication incidents in terms of the communication process, listening skills and nonverbal communication.
Incident 1: Describe a communication incident that was very frustrating to you, focussing on the communication behaviours of the parties. This should be an incident which you think demonstrates a particular communication concept eg nonverbal behaviour, poor listening, intercultural communication, communication barriers. Write a 150 word description of the incident and then analyse the reasons that this communication incident was difficult. You should use the theoretical information from Archee et al and other communication texts to analyse the situation. Describe any strategies you or the other/s involved in the communication incident used to try to overcome the barriers.
Incident 2: Repeat the exercise but, this time, relate a positive, successful communication incident.
Summary: Compare the two incidents and provide reasons that one event was positive and the other difficult.
You should reference a minimum of 6 texts in the assignment. Ensure that you correctly reference the sources in terms of the referencing guide on the portal.
Feedback: Comments and a mark will be returned to you within two weeks of submission.

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