Annotated bibliography: Industrial sector on water industry
This paper is aimed at creating annotated bibliography on the water industry. The paper will cover a detailed analysis of different journal articles and relevant sources to the subject matter. The water industry is basically comprises of a range of areas such as the specialized treatment of water, construction of waste water and water plants, water operation and engineering. This paper will therefore include different sources that cover any of the above mentioned area of water industry.
Wood, A., Harten, T. and Gutierrez, S. (2018). Approaches to Identifying the Emerging Innovative Water Technology Industry in the United States. Journal – American Water Works Association, 110(5), pp.E11-E21.
This article entitled” Approaches to identifying the Emerging Innovative Water Technology Industry in the US” discussed the importance of clean water to the economic and environmental well being. In addition to that, the article explains the relationship between deteriorating infrastructures and wastage of water and water resources (Wood, Harten and Gutierrez, 2018). According to the article this calls for a need of new water infrastructures and technologies as way of ensuring sustainability and safety of water in the future. The importance of water to the country’s economy is extremely important. Like for instance in the United States of America, water industry constitutes over 1 percent of the entire US GDP (Wood, Harten and Gutierrez, 2018). However, the article indicated with the significant contribution of water sector to the country’s economy, this industry is still under developed.
Waughray, D. (2018). Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Water. World Economic Forum. [online] Available at:

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