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Computer Simulation
Do we live in a matrix? This is the intriguing question that guides Zeeya Merali’s article. To introduce the topic, Merali briefly reviews the 1999 science fiction movie, The Matrix, based on the concept of living in a computer simulation. Just like Neo, protagonist in the movie, is given a choice to either learn the truth about the matrix or not, Merali asserts that we now have a choice to learn truth regarding whether we live in a simulated universe.
According to Merali, the cosmic ray test may help us determine whether we live in a matrix or not. The test would be possible through the study of radiations from space. For this method to work, scientists would have to assume that there exist some detectable glitches in the imperfect system simulating our universe. This idea was reached at by assuming that the simulating system would require regular updates as it degrades. Evaluation of light from space would help detect such glitches and thus prove the existence of a simulating system.

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