Creative Writing about a Ghost
Creative writing has been one of the best ways of helping individuals in a given community have a clear understanding of how life used to be with their ancestors. The aim of this creative writing will be addressing a ghost that was found in one of the islands in South America. Everyone will always be scared in the mention of a ghost. A spirit can be an enemy of a community or human beings or be of help to the community. The ghost that existed in the South American island played both the role of helping the community as well as defending the community. After the elders of the community informed the people the existence of the ghost, no one wanted to believe the story because they were scared. However, many people were not willing to go out in the night or even visit the current forests. The story of the one-eyed ghost in the village grew until everyone living in the community even kids could not make a point of being late from the market place because the elders had warned that lateness would lead to punishment as well as cutting down trees from the forest. Some people were afraid of the ghost while others felt that their community was safe from enemies, and no one would attack them from the neighboring communities.

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