Non pharmaceutical nursing interventions in pre, intra, and post-surgical patient
There are over 200 million patients that are operated annually. However the adverse events associated with surgery is substantially high (Earnsham &Alderson, 2014). The operation is a procedure that most patients tend to fear. Whenever a patient is informed that they have to undergo surgery, anxiety builds up almost immediately. Nurses are responsible for the safety of the patient before, during and after the surgery. Nurses have adopted non-drug interventions to ensure successful surgical procedure of the patient. The responses are critical in attaining complete recovery by the patient. The interventions are applied through the surgical procedure from the moment the patient is informed of the necessity to carry out the surgery to the time the patient is fully recovered. Inappropriate application of the interventions leads to medical errors that affect the overall procedure and is likely to cause the death of the patient. Preparing the patient psychologically before the method plays a critical role in ensuring the recovery of the patient. The patient needs physical and emotional support to undergo the procedure. Each patient varies from each other, and therefore, the nurse must understand the needs of each patient accordingly. The surgical procedure is a process that is likely to change the change the life of the patient permanently, therefore, providing the patient with correct and adequate information on about the outcome of the procedure is essential in the patient recovery process.
Problem statement
The successful surgical procedure is dependent on events that occur before, during and after the operation. However, this remains a challenge in the health care system as patients who undergo surgery are prone to adverse post-surgery complications. Nurses are central to ensuring successful operation procedure through the application of various interventions. Safety of surgical patients is a problem in the health care system. Therefore, this research focuses on exploring effective non-pharmaceutical intervention in a surgical procedure.

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