Personal Statement
Since my childhood, I have always sought to understand interactions among people and their environment. Such knowledge would help me to know how the human body responds to the environment and how people can leverage it to improve their productivity. I reckon that the knowledge I gain will help me to develop theories, methods, and data to enhance overall system performance and human well-being.
As a physiotherapist for 15 years, I treated patients with musculoskeletal disorders arising from trauma, occupational-related, and sports injuries. Mainly, I became absorbed by work-related injuries because I saw most of the colleagues suffer injuries such as headaches, intense lower back pains, and upper limb conditions that impeded their work performance. As I treated the patients and interacted with them at a personal level, I empathized with the situation. I began thinking more about how I could help them avoid the injuries in the first place by understanding their work and possible hazards associated with it. The experiences shaped my interest in Ergonomics took shape, prompting me to advance my knowledge in the field.

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