Personal Essay
Growing up as a kid, I always associated with science. Throughout my childhood, I was interested in playing games that, in one way or the other related to science. This is an urge that saw me actively participate in science classes. During my high school education, I engaged in different classes through presentations. I would present science aspects such as global warming and acid rain. Besides helping my teachers with grading my schoolmates’ assignment, I used to teach my nephew and niece some standard alphabets, shapes, and numbers. My inspiration to teach emanates from my one and a half years son and my husband. Their presence in my life has been motivating and always drives me to pursue my teaching goals.
The experience I have on teaching is gained from observation of the courses that I undertook in the USA. The courses are elaborated and have provided me with some critical skills that are significant in teaching. My previous life that is filled with teaching activities, especially in science, add up as yet another tip of experience for my teaching passion. My engagement with my niece and nephews has also helped me experience how teaching feel. This is because they provided me with the challenge of ensuring that they understand different types of numbers, shapes, and alphabets. I believe that the current exposure to the courses

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