Strategic Human Resource Development
Strategic Human Resource Development
The value and benefit of workforce training is an aspect that is recognized by everyone within the organization. Training is aimed at making the workforce more productive, increase on the revenues and profits while decreasing on the costs, wastages and inefficiencies within the organization (Grinnell, Gabor & Unrau 2016). 
Four Stages of HRD Framework
857251997710The strategic Human Resource Development (HDR) provides a structured framework for the workforce within the organization. The framework is essential in the development of professional as well as personal skills. Alongside development, the framework mainly has its focus on career development (Ningthoujam 2018). This is done in four important stages of the HRD framework, and it includes Assessment, Design, Implementation and Evaluation (Adam 2019). This is presented as shown in the diagram below.
-4847590160020Source: Training and HRD Process Model (Grinnell, Gabor & Unrau 2016).00Source: Training and HRD Process Model (Grinnell, Gabor & Unrau 2016).
Justification of the Training Program 
The section will look into the training program within the organization, basically providing a detailed assessment of the HDR framework in prioritizing the various needs, understanding as well as examining the performance of the employees, their job tasks and organizational environment. It is important to look into the existing gaps between the current employee competencies and the relevant skillset required in the production process.

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