Summary and Critique
Summary and Critique
Bennett-Levy, J., Lee, N., Pohlman, S., & Hamernik, E. (2003). Cognitive Therapy from the
Inside: Enhancing Therapist Skills through practicing what we preach. Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 31, pp. 143-158.
The aim of Bennett-Levy et al. (2003) in their article is to analyze the effect of personal experiential work on cognitive therapy skills. This the article does through conducting a research on cognitive practitioners. The article acknowledges that there are rich traditions in personal therapy and experiential training in several therapies as a means of enhancing therapists’ skills and self-awareness (Bennett-Levy et al., 2013). However, traditionally, cognitive therapy has not incorporated personal experiential work in its implementation. In achieving this feat, the article used fourteen cognitive therapists. The therapists took training courses using a structured approach of cognitive therapy techniques recognized as self-practice or self-reflection. Six therapists engaged with a partner in co-therapy sessions, while eight therapists practiced on their own on cognitive therapy techniques (Bennett-Levy et al., 2013).

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