Reconstruct the argument by identifying and listing the most important statements and arguments and the author’s main conclusion(s); draw an argument map; do your best to identify the type of argument (for example inductive reasoning, types of inductive reasoning and deductive logic) (up to 700 words, not including references).
2. Review the article for its acceptability, sufficiency and relevance. In doing so, screen the article piece for any fallacious arguments (up to 800 words, not including references).
3. Respond to the Editor with a 500 word letter (not including references) to support (using different evidence or reasoning) or challenge the author’s argument. Make sure your response addresses 1 and 2 above, and that it contains clear and non-fallacious argument(s).
the main article should be discussed is ( Summon rain)by Dan Baum
the references should be peer reviewed

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