Criminal Behavior
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Criminal Behavior
Mental health is one of the most underrated facets of humanity. Society has seen more than its fair share of individuals unravel due to unaddressed adverse effects of poor mental health. Psychopaths are the most potent embodiment of poor mental health. A psychopath is an individual with a mental disorder absolving him of any conscience and compunction to be a disciplined citizen. Richard Kuklinski was one such guy, one of America’s deadliest criminals and serial killers in recent memory. Born in New Jersey, Kuklinski led a double life as a family man and a hitman and earned the Iceman moniker. This paper gives an in-depth analysis of his psychopath nature and how his behavior manifested in his life concerning his actual confessions in a television special.
1 According to Hare’s typology, which of the three types of psychopaths would you consider Kuklinski?
Dr. Robert Hare, a seasoned and celebrated psychologist, categorizes psychopaths into three main types. These are neurotic psychopaths, primary psychopaths, and dissocial psychopaths. Judging by his behavioral patterns during the interview, Kuklinski is a classic unstable psychopath. For starters, he exhibits the characteristics of mental illness due to his lack of remorse or any tangible conscience based on his actions. His past is also riddled with traumatic experiences, and judging from his violent crimes, a clear connection can be established. According to studies, secondary psychopaths are more volatile than primary psychopaths, resulting in impulsive and aggressive behavior. Secondary psychopathy is assumed to be caused by their environment, such as parental neglect and alienation (Prins, 2010). He comes from a violent family, and his history dictates that his father used to beat them up for as little as staring back. During the interview, Kuklinski shows no emotion for his actions and can be seen chuckling sometimes. He seems like an emotionally unstable individual who acted on his rage more than anything else for crimes of such magnitudes. He admits he acknowledged his high temper and is a bit concerned about his wife’s reaction upon any discovery of his criminal dealings. The Iceman’s neurotic psychopathy was a significant factor in his massive killing spree, which claimed roughly more than 100 lives.
2 What actions did Kuklinski do in his crimes to lead one to believe he is a psychopath?
Kuklinski’s crimes were riddled with immense psychopathy. For starters, he admits that he once killed a man just because he did not appreciate his tone. One of the most significant characteristics of a psychopath is the immense need to manipulate people and hurting them. He admits that he always had issues with individuals who exhibited aggressive behavior. He calls such people ‘loud mouths’. For instance, a guy once talked back at him, to which he took offense. A few minutes later, he set him ablaze in his car to get even with the man. He demonstrated social irresponsibility for his inability to distinguish between bad and good (Prins, 2010). However, this poses an interesting dilemma because the man had a family and an impeccable presence as a father. This

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