Animal Testing is not necessary
The primary aim of this paper is to offer an insight into the reason why animal testing is wrong using already existing literature on animal testing. The paper examines the view of each author with the aim of developing a holistic and sound conclusion against animal testing.
Sandler, Jessica, and Ray Greek. “Against Animal Testing.” CCF Official Site, ZAAAX, 3 July 2013,
Sadler and Ray offer insights into why animal testing should be avoided. The author gives several reasons to prove why animal testing is wrong. To begin with the author point out to the fact that animal model is not predictive because the anatomy of animals is not akin to that of human beings. They write that “For example, rats, the species most commonly used in vivisection, have no gallbladder and excrete bile very effectively. “Many drugs are excreted via bile, so this affects the half-life of the drug” (1).

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