Global Nutrition
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Global nutrition focuses mainly on the effect of poor nutrition and malnutrition. The burden of malnutrition has been seen to be unacceptably high and affects each and every individual in different countries. Global nutrition also focuses on highlighting the action which can be taken to diminish and totally end malnutrition in all its form.
Black, R.E., Victoria, C.G., Walker, S. P., Bhutta, Z. A., Christian, P., De Onis, M., Ezatti,
M., Grantham-mcgregor, S., Katz, J., Martorell, R., & Uauy, R. (2013), Maternal
and Child Nutrition Study Group, Maternal, and child under-nutrition and overweight
in low- income and middle-income countries. Lancet. 382(9890):427-51. Retrieved
This paper of Lancet series on Maternal and Child Nutrition (2013) generally focuses on Malnutrition, its consequences and on the magnitude of the problems associated with malnutrition which comes as a result of poor nutrition. The book focuses on the nature of malnutrition globally, especially in low and middle-income countries. Therefore, the main objective and contribution of this Series are to focus on poor nutrition and the various forms of poor nutrition that result in child mortality and morbidity.

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