Main Social Influences on Kids Today
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Social influence is a subject of concern across the globe since it affects kids of today in different ways. In most cases, families who come from different social groups interact and relates differently and this influences their kids in one way or the other. The main social influences on kids include; social class, peer pressure, and social media. The nation, town or the region that the kid comes from is also a matter of great concern. The kid’s social life in school is also paramount because the way they engage with each other and their educators influences them and as a result, their self esteem, confidence and abilities are enhanced. It is important also to note that kids who are friends will influence each other especially if they come from different families who share different values and beliefs.
Social Class
Different families belong to different social class and this influences the kids from such families either positively or negatively. The social class is categorized into three which are; high social economic status, middle economic status, and low social economic status. An individual social class influences the school education of his/her kids, and therefore, social class has a greater effect on how children perform in schools. Families of high and middle socio economic status send their kids to best and expensive schools than those of low economic status. This is because they have enough resources that make them send their kids into such schools. There is that tendency of such parents taking their children early to school which makes them excels in their academics than those from social disadvantaged families. Research shows that majority of the children who attend best schools perform well in their examinations. On the other hand, the teens from the families from low social economic status will take their children to school when it is late and they will academically be behind the children of those from the high social economic status (Cabrera, 2016).

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