Annotated bibliography – Red Cardinals
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Annotated bibliography – Red Cardinals
Segura, L. N., & Mahler, B. (2019). Male Red-crested Cardinal plumage coloration is associated with parental abilities and breeding performance. Scientific reports, 9(1), 1-11.
This study aims to test how the differential allocation hypothesis would predict the natural variation of the avian plumage coloration of the Red Cardinal. The article argues that female red cardinals may allocate resources differently depending on the quality and attractiveness of their mates, thus influencing the investment made in the existing breeding attempt. The authors acknowledge that this study was the first of its kind carried out to test a wild bird’s natural pigment variation (Segura and Mahler, 2019). The results showed that the males’ provision of nest defense and their reproductive success is linked to the brightness of their red plumage patch. The study concluded that its findings, whereby brighter males produced more offspring, were in line with the differential allocation hypothesis.
This Article is a peer review journal paper, and it was found with the help of google scholar search engines. The information provided is very reliable since the information provided is accurately cited using peer-reviewed sources published within the last five years. The authors, Luciano Segura and Bettina Mahler, declare no competing interests, and therefore their information is credible. The article is also published in the journal of scientific reports that have a good reputation for publishing credible and reliable scientific information. This source will help in writing the research about the mating behavior of Red Cardinal.

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