Definition of Terms Commonly Used In Psychology
Psychologists define aggression as a range of behaviors that intend to psychological or physical harms oneself or others within the immediate environment (Van der Dennen, 1980; Kassin, Fein, Markus, McBain, & Williams, 2019). Aggressive behaviors can occur in form of words or deeds depending on the circumstances in play. I have personally witnessed accounts of aggression in day to day life when people spread vicious rumors about others at their respective workplaces or in school. Such vicious rumors are deceitful or untrue facts or information that are typically intended to psychologically or in any other way harm the third party. 
Under psychoanalytic theory, the concept of catharsis is defined as an emotional release where emotions of traumatic episodes and other negative emotions are eliminated (Verona,  & Sullivan, 2008). Catharsis originates from the Greek term katharsis which means purging or cleansing, and it involves the elimination of all negative emotions and/or behaviors associated with trauma. Catharsis is defined as the elimination of trauma, thus the presence of trauma changes the meaning of catharsis.

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