Dinah and Cecily Article’s Critique
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Sustainable development is very critical, and that is why Dinah and Cecily have paid a very keen attention in expressing why sustainable development relies on the relationship that exists between ethics and economics. The topic of the journal is very clear even though to many it might be difficult to understand. Their topic is very critical as it tries to limit the readers though on the development in matters of ethics and economics of a specified field. This topic suitable fits the article as it gives the reader the ability to relate ideas and what to expect from the entire article CITATION Pay01 l 1033 (Payne & Raiborn, 2001).
In their abstract for the article, they are very relevant and go a step higher to ensure that the readers of the article can grasp information. In contrary to what many might have expected they were not straight to the point on their abstract. They never gave a clear breakdown of their work on what they were to discuss. The abstract was about some of the main areas vocabularies that are likely to be used in the article. There is less connection of the abstract with the entire article. That author thus makes it difficult for the readers of the article.
The introduction is very critical. The authors took into consideration this too. They were able to present the ideas concerning the article, and at this point, the reader can clearly connect to the topic, and they can give a full glance of the topic of the article. The authors can elaborate more about the topic besides the abstract that was different and difficult to relate to the topic. They talk more about environmental sustainability and what it entails. What makes the article more exclusive and persuasive to make the ideas are introduced categorically and effectively. They gave a title on the issue definition and identification. The identification of the sustainable development as an ethical issue was also effective in making sure that the topic of the paper is understood clearly.
To ensure that the matter of sustainable development about the ethics and economics is well justified, the authors use the case scenario of the American government that makes a relevant understanding of the case. They used facts about the American government and thus from this they were able to justify that they are linking the real situation of the sustainable development to the real economy situation. Their concentration on the already established economy of the United States can be criticized due to that it is more developed than other countries.
The discussion was elaborative of the whole topic of the article. It is clear that they were very inductive and they were able to bring the real ideas on the sustainable development concerning the ethics and economy of any country. Their discussion on the level of the hierarchy that is involved in the attaining of the sustainability outlines to many in the process. The shortcoming is that it is based on the American economy and thus it might be irrelevant to other countries economy. The discussion on the steps being taken by the businesses is also critical in defining the process of attaining sustainability development. It is effective as it can be adopted by different economies in different countries.
The conclusion is also very instrumental in ensuring that the reader can generally understand the whole article information. Their conclusion was effectively summative, and it can be understood by an individual who has not even read the whole article. The conclusion also offers a recommendation to the individuals and other economists on

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