The Saints and Roughnecks
The saints and roughnecks is an article that presents two categories of high school students. The saints were white, middle-class residential youths who were regarded as good and always provided with a second chance by everyone. However, they would often skip school, take drugs and pull a prank On the other hand, the roughnecks were not rich, and they came from a small neighborhood. This group of boys also did the same things and crimes that the saints did. However, despite the similarity in their actions and crime, the Roughnecks were punished. For example, if saint boy failed in the test, he would be given a second chance because he is regarded as a good child who can do better. Additionally, saints would easily get off from the police as compared to the roughneck counterparts. Most of the saints went to colleges and got good marks and good jobs. On the other hand, the roughnecks ended up not going to college and thus poor careers. The articles depict the role of social stratification, labeling theory, Merton strain, and the social bonding theory.

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