The Future of Work: Robotics and AI
Atkinson, Robert D. Robotics and the future of production and work. Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, 2019.
Robert D. Atkinson gives an economic perspective on the future of work based on productivity and the factor of production that is labor. He notes that the deployment of robots is more likely to repatriate manufacturing productivity to developed nations. As a consequence of the increase in productivity, labor is more likely to possess a significant share of the benefits. Atkinson opines that most of these predictions on the negative impact of emerging technologies are grossly exaggerated. He notes, citing evidence that structural unemployment will not augment due to automation, in fact, workers will be some of the main beneficiaries. This paper investigates the essence and potentialities of robotics and other automations, conducting a literature review on their spatial dynamics impact, analyzing recent data on robotic uptake, and speculating on the coming trends of the geographical distribution of manufacturing. Economically, high-wage countries will benefit more from robotics.

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