The ‘Hospitalist Movement’ In US Healthcare
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The ‘Hospitalist Movement’ In US Healthcare
In their article Orchestrating emergent change: The ‘hospitalist movement’ in US Healthcare, Wallace and Schneller (2008) address how the professional and political divide orchestrate change in healthcare provision. The authors note that despite the US health system being highly marketed, decentralized, and complex, the stakeholders have worked seamlessly to orchestrate change. Interesting, this change is carried out both from the leadership and management frontiers hence the term ‘hospitalist movement’ due to its inclusive nature. Though diverse, these efforts are geared at establishing a new professional role for the medical labour and solve local healthcare problems. The authors look at the history and success of this emergent change in the medical care provision and the possibility that it will turn into a fully fledged specialty in future.
To begin with, Wallace and Schneller explore the unfolding “hospitalist movement” and explain why local stakeholders are best suited to instigate the desired change.

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