Course name: Contemporary Art and Media Culture
Project topic: Essay Proposal of a 12 page essay about Marina Abramović and her performance art.
1) In one paragraph, please express the argument/dominant idea you wish to defend in your paper. 
2) Please list your selected references in your bibliography. Please include after each reference a two-line summary of the selected reference (it’s dominant idea) and why you have selected this reference. 
For the 10 reference: 4 materials chosen from class (see attachment for the course readings, you can choose 4 from them) , 1 interview of Marina Abramović’s, 5 sources of your own choices (must be peer-reviewed journals or books, no internet sources).
Please ensure you have at least two theoretical references to draw on: (Marcuse/Ranciere/Dewey/Freud,etc.) 
Please also include a few Marina Abramović’s performance video link in the Appendix.
The below 2 articles are about performance art. See attachment.
Dewey, J. -The Live Creature- In- Art as Experience- 2005- pp.1-19.pdf
Kellein, T. – A Terrible End- In- The Dream of Fluxus- 2007- pp.145-167.pdf
Essay topic: 
Write a 12-page research paper about Marina Abramović, a contemporary performance artist about her and her performance art video.
Discover the “operations” at her work (the processes, concerns, social-historical context, struggles of making the art, vision or theory behind the art, inspirations etc. ) around the art-making process of this one specific artist. 
Please address these questions as a topic in your paper: 
“How did she contribute to the social transformations of the times? 
How did this her vision seek to collapse/interrogate the boundary between art and everyday life?
What was her vision/theory/argument? 
How was her work in reaction/revolution to the work that came before them? 
What was the process/methodology she used to express this vision? 
What was her struggle against the dominant beliefs/historical conditions of the times? 
What was her greatest opposition, in your personal viewpoint? 
Do you think her work would have a similar resonance for contemporary culture?

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