Assignment 1
Research Question:
The article researched on “How newspapers in five Asian countries covered the Iraq War”. It covered the level to which the Iraq war was covered by newspapers in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and the Philippines and by a Pakistani news agency. Six research questions were posed. The first was on the frame that dominated between war and peace journalism in the Asian coverage of the war. The second research question was on how religion influenced the coverage of the war by the newspapers. The third research question was on the indicators that proved the war and peace journalism frames. The fourth research question was on the amount of support the newspapers gave to the war. The fifth research question was on the amount of support given by the newspapers to the Americans and British or the Iraqis. Finally, the research sought to find out if the local correspondents covered the story differently from foreign-based correspondents.
The researchers analyzed 442 stories from seven daily newspapers and one news agency in the five Asian countries mentioned. The countries were selected on the basis that they had internal conflicts that had lasted for long periods. The media were selected based on availability. The stories were then decoded and organized into peace and war journalism.

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