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Annotated Bibliography
1 Meredith, J. R., & Shafer, S. M. (2020). Operations and supply chain management for MBAs (7th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN: 9781117563235.
The source provides relevant information about the essential factors required in the operations and management of the supply chain for a given organization. The authors, Meredith and Shafer, try to elaborate this information in a conceptual, strategic, and contemporary manner, particularly for the MBA students. Besides, the source highlights the current issues on the management of supply chain, yield management, finance, the balanced scorecard, and marketing, among others. It also provides a clear presentation for planning and designing enterprise resources, inventory and schedule planning, and location and capacity planning. This enables readers to comprehend current issues affecting a given industry strategically.
2 Kissinger, D. (JUNE 1, 2017).General Motors’ vision Statement & Mission Statement (Analysis) Panmore Institute Retrieved from:’%20corporate%20mission%20is,a%20holistic%20approach%20to%20addressing
This source has clearly indicated the mission and vision statements of the General Motors Company. Besides, the author has analyzed deeply what these statements entail, and what General Motors Company is aiming to achieve from these statements. For each statement, that is, the vision and mission statement, the source has broken it into parts for readers to understand clearly. The source has the analysis of these statements in terms of where in particular, the General Motors Company missed the point when coming up with the mission and vision statements. Additionally, the source has given recommendations and needs to be improved on the loopholes found on these statements.
3 Reference for Business. (2020). General Motors Corporation – Company profile, information, business description, history, background information on General Motors Corporation. Encyclopedia of Small Business, Business Biographies, Business Plans, and Encyclopedia of American Industries.
The source has detailed information on the history of General Motors Company. It enables readers who have never heard of this organization to understand that it is involved in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing vehicle parts and vehicles globally. Besides, the source enables a reader to know the geographical regions or rather the countries in which General Motors Company operates, and its background history of how this company came to being. For instance, the founder of General Motors Company was William Durant in 1908 with the partnership of Charles Stewart. The source also highlights its activities and the ups and downs that the company experienced since it formed.
4 Shih, W. C. (2018, November 30). The challenges GM is facing, and the reasoning behind its plant closures. Harvard Business Review.
The author of this source, Shih, is a Management Practice Professor at the School of Business, Department of Business Administration. In this article, he highlights the challenges that General Motors Company leads to a reduction in its profits. The cause of this was that the company had some branches that were not performing well, which would have led to its 2019 bankruptcy, but the United States government bailed it out with $50 billion. The author claim that the cause of this problem was when General Motors Company decided to close five factories in the North American part. Besides, the sources try to provide some other reasoning behind the closure of GM plants.
5 WAYLAND, M. (2018, October 30). GM, future-minded, has nagging near-term challenges. Automotive News.
In the article, the author tells readers about the goal of the manager of General Motors Company, Marry Barra. Wayland reveals how Barra wanted GM to be recognized as a leader of automotive technology instead of just a manufacturer. Moreover, the article shows readers some of the challenges that Barra and the management of the General Motors Company need to solve for this organization to be the leading company in automotive technology globally. Some of these problems include; underutilization of some of the company plants and domestic countdown among the new arising challenges. For instance, the authors claimed that some branches of the General Motors Company were not effectively utilized, which lead to reduced profits making for the company.
6 YOUNG, J. (2017, May 29). General Motors Company SWOT analysis & recommendations. Panmore Institute.
Justin Young wrote this article to analyze threats and opportunities of the General Motors Company using a SWOT analysis approach. Besides, the article highlights the relevant internal strategic issues: the strengths and weaknesses of GM organization and the external issues that hinder or promote the performance of this company. For instance, the article reveals that some strengths for General Motors Company are its strong brands, significant economies of scale, and high skilled human resources. Consequently, the author of the article reveals that the rise of new technologies of the other competitive organizations and the promotion of public transportation by the governments are some of the external factors that are hindering GM’s performance.
7 General Motors. (2020). General Motors. Retrieved July 9, 2020, from
The source has the financial statements of General Motors Company, which will help us clearly understand this company’s performance in previous years. It has clear information on the years of the GMC made a lot of profits and the years that it has reduced profits. Therefore, we will understand the cause of these situations, but our main objective is to check the years in which General Motors Company reduced the profits that they have been making. However, the years that the GM Company increased its profits will help us realize the strengths and opportunities that were effectively utilized and how these factors can be implemented to increase the supply of the products of this organization. This will lay the basis of our research, particularly considering its balance sheet, income statements, and cash flow statements.
8 Rosen, M. A., & Eng, P. (2018). General Motors: Achieving and Maintaining World-Class Leadership in Worker Health and Safety in the Automotive Industry.
In this article, the authors have revealed how the leadership of General Motors Company in Canada has led to recognizable performance improvement after the modification of safe strategies. This information will help us in getting a health approach that can help the current leadership of General Motors Company in removing the obstacles that may be hindering the organization from achieving its goals. The source has given the key individual who was behind the significance performance of General Motor Plant in Canada. I considered choosing this article because leadership or management in every organization is paramount in the performance of its activities.

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