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Report of Tuberculosis in London Borough of Newham
Tuberculosis also called TB, affects numerous people worldwide. The rate of deaths due to tuberculosis is decreasing worldwide (WHO, 2014). Though the disease remains a challenge in many countries. Tb is a fatal contagious disease. Being contagious means being spread from one infected person to another (Bennett, 2018). Being contagious mean it affects the weak defense mechanisms more, especially for terminal diseases such as cancer, HIV, and AIDS patients. These terminal diseases weaken the patient’s body by reducing the immune system, and this generates the illness into the person’s body. Notably, the infection rate of TB depends on the strength of the person’s immunity. When the person is affected with TB at first, it becomes primary TB. It remains in the person immune system, and because the resistant is active it is less infectious. When the body is weak due to a contagious disease, the bacteria which cause TB becomes infectious. TB is one of the leading causes of the increase in mortality rate in the world. It is an airborne disease and is spread by sneezing, coughing, and spitting (Bennett, 2018). Though alcohol and drugs are also methods through which infection may occur.
The cause of TB is Inhalation of mycobacterium tuberculosis which chiefly affects the lungs though it affects other body organs such as the kidney, bones, and the brain. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is easily found in water and soil but survives in human being. The immigrants and refugees are profoundly affected because they are demographic. However, politicians claim that immigrants are beneficial to the economy. In Borough, many people are living in a crowded environment. Crowded environment makes the citizens at high risk of spreading the disease. Changing the demographic is a strategy to control the disease and keep it under control. However, poverty and malnutrition also cause the spread of this disease. The spreading is because poor people tend to live in crowded and sharing a lot of basic needs. There are high chances of the disease spreading in an overcrowded place.

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