Crime Novel Detectives
The crime fiction genre has steadily been recognized as one of the leading literacy works preferred by most writers. Crime fiction has played a huge role in the society and has had a huge appeal among the contemporary audience. The writing of Thomas Ripley crimes novel series offers one of the leading novels that portray how the genre reflect and influence our society.
The crime fiction is a chief literary genre that tends to fictionalizes on how crime occurs, the criminals, its detection as well as the character motives. The genre is distinguished from other genres such as the historical fiction as it focuses on the issue of crime in society (Choice Reviews Online). The main character in most of the crime fiction novels is either the protagonist or the antagonist. For this reason, the genre tends to focus on crime investigation where suspense and mystery form the main ingredients that are ubiquitous to the genre.
Thomas Ripley is a leading crime novel series written by Patricia Highsmith. The series was deemed a literary success whereby several film adaptations were created. The series involves five books that were written by Patricia between 1955 and 1990. The series follows the story of Thomas Ripley who goes through a life of crime. Orphaned at five, he makes to escape the clutches of his hostile aunt by escaping to New York City (Highsmith 7). There he meets Herbert Greenleaf, who offers him a job to go get his son from Italy. However, he ends up killing the son and takes up his life. He manages to gets his inheritance, and escape to Greece. The series covers how he makes a life in France with his stolen wealth but he cannot escape from a life of crime that involves several murders.
The characterization of Ripley offers a look at an individual whose personality is suave and agreeable. His appeal to the audience is that he is an intelligent protagonist who engages in a life of crime. He is a con artist who assumes the life of others and a serial killer who manages to evade justice all the time (Francis-Noël and Mark 24). The novel offers a way of escapism and a life that many people would wish to have. Instead of hard work, he goes through shortcuts that enable him to live a wealthy lifestyle. He is seen to be living a life of leisure in France that is financed by his ill-gotten wealth and continues to be involved in other crime activities such as art forgery and have dealings with the mob.

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